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How To Update The Firmware Of Netgear Router Tech?

Netgear router tech support must always be updated with the latest version of available software to ensure its efficient performance. If ever you are facing an issue with the performance of your Netgear Customer Service Number then firmware update could be one reason behind the concern. So rather than reaching out for netgear customer service its recommended to check whether the Netgear router helpline number is updated with the latest version of firmware till that date or not. In case, the firmware of Netgear Router Contact Number is found to be outdated then kindly it updated as soon as possible because it could lead to many performance Netgear Router issues!

Few common performance Netgear router issues that could be faced are as follows:

  • Week signal strength.
  • Unable to connect to WiFi.
  • Internet lights on router might not glow.
  • Decrease in the range of WiFi.
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Other than troubleshooting all the issues separately it would be better to first verify the firmware version of your router. In case the problem is not due to firmware then troubleshoot the concern particularly else go through the netgear support steps for updating the firmware of Netgear router support number.

Steps for updating the firmware of Netgear router tech support phone numbrt:

  • Connect your computer or internet device and the Netgear router tech support with an internet network during the time of firmware update. Both WiFi and hardwired connection will work work well for providing internet connection.
  • Tap on the icon for any of the web browsers available on your computer or equipments connected with internet network or netgear support phone number.
  • The webpage will open up and you will be first landed at its home page. There you will be asked for your the name of your router and password. So type in all the asked details of router, verify their correctness and submit them.
  • The form as well as the router detail is case sensitive so ensure you fill them in their actual format.
  • Now go to the Administration tab available under the option for “Advanced” settings menu.
  • There you will find and option labeled as “Firmware Update” or “Router Update” so click on that option.
  • Once you are under “Router Update” you must click on the option for “Check” look whether there is any update available for the firmware of your router or not..
  • If there will be any firmware update available for your router then you might find a prompt for downloading it. So click on icon for “YES” and it will start downloading the updated version of firmware for your router.
  • Your Netgear router tech support customer service number or will automatically be updated with the latest version of software that is being downloaded.
  • Once your Netgear router support will be completely updated, it will go to restart mode. So wait for further 4-5 minutes till it gets back ON completely after the update.

So once you have gone through all these steps your router will be updated with latest version of firmware. Although the update has been completed successfully still it is recommended to go through all the notes related to firmware to ensure that there is no reconfiguration required. The whole updating procedure is quite simple still if you face any concern then feel free to get netgear technical support anytime you want or netgear wireless router technical support phone number.