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How to change Netgear router’s admin password?

The time a brand new netgear router is purchased it is already configured with its default factory data setup. For an un-altered newly bought netgear N300 router the admin user ID is set as “admin” and password is as “password.”netgear router support telephone number and router support It is recommended to change the default user ID and password of Netgear router as a security measure for preventing unauthorized access to Netgear WiFi network. You can yourself change the user ID and password for Netgear admin account by following few simple steps.contact netgear customer service or at present if you have bought a Netgear router helpline number and are looking to change the default admin ID and password for it then here we have a netgear router support procedure for making the changes or netgear router troubleshooting phone number.

Steps for changing the Netgear router’s admin user ID and password:

  • Open any web browser in your computer or a mobile device that supports the internet networks of your wireless router.
  • Visit by typing it as a URL in your web browser’s search field and click on “Go” or press enter key. The router login window will open up or netgear wireless router customer service phone number.
  • Log in to your Netgear account by typing the default user ID and password of your Netgear router. The default user ID will be “admin” and the password will be “password.” Once your login credentials are verified, you will be logged in to your Netgear account and will be directed to its home page.
  • Locate the option for Advanced and click on it.
  • Under Advanced menu you will find an option for “Administration” settings. So, click on it to open the admin settings.
  • After the admin settings menu opens up click on the option for “Password.”
  • A small password set up form will open up. There first of all, you will have to enter your old or default password and then enter the new password for your netgear router by it twice in the respective fields. If ever you find any difficulty in executing these steps then feel free to ask for netgear wireless router support for any kind of assistance regarding Netgear router support.
  • Click in check box labeled as “Enable Password Recovery” so that you could be able to recover password in future if ever you forget it by any chance netgear wireless router toll free number.
  • Once you have gone through all the above listed steps then click on the option to “Apply.” Your new password will be set and the changes made will be retained or netgear wireless router customer service phone number.

So, these were few steps that you need to follow for changing the default user ID and password and setting up a new password for netgear router tech support number. Hope you find the whole procedure simple and easy. Still, if ever you face any difficulty or are unable to change the default user ID and password then kindly get in touch with netgear router technical support team. They will help you with advanced support steps to get the issue resolved or netgear customer support number.