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Netgear Router Setup
How to Netgear Router Setup for using hardwired internet connection through Netgear genie interface?.
netgear router setup USA

Does your Netgear router setup works on genie user interface? netgear wireless router security settings if yes, then you might be looking for netgear router support for getting started. Netgear router server setup if you are looking to setup your netgear router setup support phone number for using internet through a hardwired internet connection then here we have a router setup procedure for you. Merely, going through a single setup procedure will help you in initializing and setting up your router for using wired internet network. You need not to get in touch any technical assistance team because you yourself can set it up by going through the following procedure and how to connect my laptop to my netgear wireless router setup.

Steps For Setting Up Netgear Router Setup For Using Wired Internet Connection:

  • Detach your existing modem and netgear router customer service phone number from the power outlet by completely plugging out their power cords. If ever there are batteries attached to your modem for back-up purpose then remove that also for temporary basis.
  • Plug in the one end of Ethernet cable at the back of your modem and another end into the Ethernet port of your netgear router setup without modem.
  • Connect your computer with router through any of the LAN ports available on Netgear router contact number with the help of an Ethernet cable cord.
  • Locate the option for Advanced and click on it.
  • Similarly connect back your router to a working power outlet and wait till the power light starts glowing green.
  • Browse the router’s IP i.e. or by typing it as URL in any of the web browsers of your internet connected equipments. Once, you have typed in the URL click on “Go” or press enter key to enable the search router setup.
  • After the IP is browsed you will be asked to sign in to your Netgear router setup account.
  • So if you have a new router and haven’t changed its settings for even once then try to login by using its default admin login credentials. The default username will be “admin” while the password will be “password” only.
  • Now go to “ADVANCED” settings menu and locate the option for “Setup Wizard.” Once you find it click on it to open up.
  • A prompt will open up, so choose the option for “Yes” and click on “Next” to proceed further. Now, the “Setup Wizard” will itself try to detect the available internet networks and will soon connect you to an internet network netgear router help phone number.

Once the whole set up procedure will be completed you will come across a Congratulations message displaying on screen. It means your wired internet connection has been established well and now you can try to test the internet connectivity. If ever you face any problem while going through the setup procedure then kindly get in touch with netgear router tech support team. A dedicated support team will hear your concern and get it resolved without wasting much of your time. In case you found it helpful and are looking for many more topics like this then stay updated with our upcoming post related to Netgear router techical support.